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Stargazing in France

Night skies in rural France are generally unsullied by light pollution or cloud cover so this summer, guests at Manoir Les Gaillardoux were able to watch the International Space Station crossing the sky on five consecutive nights from loungers on the south facing terrace. City-dwellers accustomed to artificial light-polluted skies, say that the spectacle looked like something from a movie. A most obvious starting point is the moon, and a pair of binoculars is all you need to fly across its scarred surface. If your thirst for astronomical knowledge is more highly developed, the Cité de l’Espace in Toulouse is worth a day’s visit.

Exploring the past in France

Finding a vacation to suit everybody gets easier. The positive effects of visiting heritage sites in South-West France are surely obvious.  Sharing heritage and history experiences with family and friends is so much better than sitting together leafing through a book, no matter how exceptional the photographs. Not only is experience more fun, it also feeds our own and the collective memories we take home after a holiday. Your next vacation in France could take in visits to the archaeological sites and ancient villages and buildings which abound. Guests at Manoir Les Gaillardoux have visited most of the nearby sites, so we have no hesitation in recommending those which feature on our website.

The Food of Occitanie

Occitanie stands out for the diversity of its scenery and culinary specialities. It’s the perfect slow-paced summer destination to soak in the sunshine, discover delicious new foods and meet people who are as warm and welcoming as the dishes they cook. It’s also one of the least populated regions of France, but Occitanie has a rich culinary repertoire, especially the cheeses and meats from the great limestone plateau of Les Causses du Quercy. Within short distance from street markets and local producers, Manoir Les Gaillardoux is a perfect base from which to plan your shopping and dining during your summer vacation.

Flying Over France

France has more than 400 airfields open to general aviation (GA), though many GA airports do not accept ULMs, Gliders or Helicopters. However, if you fly a ULM, you may land and take off almost everywhere provided you have the land owner’s agreement.  The aerodrome at Lalbenque, 6km from Manoir Les Gaillardoux, has flying, gliding, helicopter and parachuting facilities open to visitors, as well as an excellent lunch-time-only restaurant. You don’t have to bring your own aircraft to have fun and learn/practise a new hobby here. If you consider private flying too sedate, you could also consider jumping out of a plane…
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