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Sports & Outdoors

The area offers many wonderful opportunities for outdoor activities

We are flying…!

 The Aerodrome de Lalbenque, just 8 km from Manoir Les Gaillardoux, offers guests the opportunity to bring their own private plane – and offers adrenaline junkies a number of ways to get their “fix”!
Parachuting – Centre École de Parachutisme de Cahors
The Cahors parachute centre offers the opportunity to experience a one-off tandem jump with a qualified
instructor – following a short training session on the ground, you will hop into the plane with an
experienced instructor for a tandem jump from up to 4000 m. After a short free fall, the parachute opens and you have several minutes to enjoy the beautiful views of the countryside during a peaceful descent.
If you wish, your jump can even be filmed!
Watch their Parachuting and Skydiving videos for a preview of what you can experience

What to do between Montauban and Cahors

To misquote Tennyson, “In the Spring a young man’s fancy lightly turns to thoughts of golf.”

If you share that enthusiasm and visit Manoir Les Gaillardoux, there is a nearby golf course offering a pleasant 20-minute drive along quiet winding roads in an undulating landscape, or two more at Montauban, including a BMW championship course around half an hour’s drive from the Manoir.

Whether you seek a relaxed holiday course where all the family can join you for lunch, or a more professional course for enthusiasts, there is a choice within easy reach of the Manoir.

In July and August, it is advisable to book, but June and September are quieter, though wherever and whenever you choose to play you will, according to our experience, be met with a warm welcome.

If you are staying at the Manoir, we may be able to find you a nearby partner. Golf is just one of the many local sports opportunities you can enjoy when based at Manoir Les Gaillardoux.

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